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Through a new organization tentatively called Win the Future, or WTF, the likes of LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Zynga CEO Mark Pincus are teaming up with former Sierra Club President Adam Werbach to connect political organizers and shore up progressive candidates and causes ahead of the 2018 midterm and 2020 presidential elections, according to three sources familiar with the plan.” More here . HAPPY FRIDAY MORNING and welcome to Morning Tech, where were not sure how we feel about this . Send your tech, telecom and transition tips to lzhou@politico.com and @liszhou . As always, catch the rest of the teams contact info after Quick Downloads. SNAP FILES FOR IPO, WITH EYE ON REGULATORS The buzzy messaging app listed in its IPO filing Thursday an array of potential risks for the company, including shifts in tax policy and product changes mandated by legislation and regulators. The company notes there are proposals under consideration that could have a significant impact on its business, like a revision to the 1995 European Union Data Protection Directive,” which might require operational updates to its data processors. Snap also mentions the 2014 FTC order that requires it to build a more robust privacy program for user data, and says violating existing or future orders could subject us to substantial monetary fines and other penalties that could seriously harm our business. Read the full filing, here . COMCAST WORKERS STAGE IMMIGRATION PROTEST Hundreds of Comcast employees streamed out of offices in the cable giants hometown of Philadelphia and other cities to protest Trumps immigration order on Thursday afternoon, The Verge reports .


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